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GPO101 - Collective Purchasing Power

Rural Health Alliance leverages collective purchasing power to get deals on products and supplies that individual organizations aren’t able to get on their own. We provide valuable “soft cost” savings by helping organizations standardize and streamline their purchasing practices. The savings customers achieve enable them to afford top-quality doctors, technologies, and supplies for their patients. We simplify your process!

Procurement faster, easier, and more cost-effective. Simplify by letting RHA:

  • Locate suppliers and researching products
  • Handle contract negotiations
  • Leverage market information and market trends
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable laws

Maximize your GPO: Simplify by letting RHA:

  • Identify standardization opportunities
  • Ensure price/tier connections with Suppliers/Distributors
  • Utilize local, custom, national contract strategy
  • Aggregate spend for deeper discounts
  • Participate in Group Buys
  • Provide Education and Webinars
  • Price transparency
  • Market trending strategic planning for the future

Non-Health Care Savings- Simplified:

Nearly half of the $40 billion in healthcare companies’ annual savings from GPOs actually came from non-medical product purchases like office equipment, janitorial supplies, and food.

  • RHA Provides savings up to 30% on shredding and destruction services
  • Up to 20%on office supplies and janitorial supplies
  • Up to 15%on food spend and equipment
  • Up to 10% on technology and capital expense

RHA Collaborative is giving members market leading prices on the supplies they want while offering Choice, Flexibility, and Aggressive Supply Chain Pricing. 

We focus on supply chain so members can focus on patient care! Simply the best!

Contact us for ways to simplify and reduce your healthcare expenditures:

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