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Vizient Savings Actualyzer

Savings Actualyzer fully integrates supply chain data to easily and immediately identify and prioritize savings opportunities, then track and measure results – all from one platform. This unrivaled capability creates a new category of supply chain analytics that will fundamentally change how health care providers achieve cost savings and supply chain performance improvement.

Vizient Savings Actualyzer supports cost reduction and performance improvement across many supply areas, including pharmacy, capital, purchased services and medical/surgical. It allows you to prioritize, track and measure all your supply chain initiatives in a single location. In addition, it allows you to benchmark your quotes against a repository of other member submissions.

Ask yourself … 

  1. How are your savings goals being set today? Are your supply chain pricing initiatives delivering the results you expect? 
  2. What if I told you that the time you’re currently investing to identify and prioritize pricing initiatives could drastically be reduced? 
  3. Are you satisfied with how you currently track the progress of ongoing pricing initiatives? Tell me how you measure pricing initiative results today?

Until now, there was no solution allowing you to routinely aggregate, manage and work identified opportunities. Most supply chain staff members develop spreadsheets and use different databases to track and analyze these opportunities, and very few of them are satisfied with the results.

Contact your Rural Health Alliance Client Manager to learn more about this game-changing solution that drives unique value by integrating different opportunity types into a single view and providing a flexible framework to track your initiatives.

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