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Vanderbilt Supply Chain Collaborative

RHA partnered with Vanderbilt Supply Chain System Collaborative (VSCSC) in 2015 to provide deep contractual discounts to RHA members.  Members have access to Vanderbilt's contract portfolio on a contract by contract basis. 

VSCSC allows a focused and joint approach to lowering overall supply, pharmaceutical, and purchased service expense through contracting to promote lower health costs and high quality care within our communities.  Vanderbilt drives value by reducing costs through aggregation of volumes on physician preference items or commodity items where the local market can drive commitment.

What We Do:

Define and implement synergies between our organizations, allowing a focused and joint approach to lowering overall supply, pharmaceutical, and purchased service expense through contracting to promote lower health costs and high quality care within our communities.

Share best practice and maximize resource & technology utilization to create an efficient, cost effective program which will enhance the supply chains contribution to the overall success of their organizations.

 Driving value:

 Reduce hospital-owned contract costs

  • By researching which items physicians prefer and aggregating orders, we can lower purchasing costs across the collaborative for med/surg items, pharmacy distribution and purchased services.

 Reduce GPO purchasing costs

  • Vanderbilt has access to best tier pricing in many categories due to size and spend. Pricing is being extended to Rural Health Alliance members who move under the Vanderbilt master agreement irrespective of spend in a given category.

 Reduce capital expenditure costs

  • Common tools allow long-range planning for capital needs and bulk purchases.

Participation Requirement:

Members must be able to adhere to negotiated terms/conditions of each contract category accessed and must meet compliance level requirements ongoing through contract term.

Contact Us today to learn more. 

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Group Buy Program

Capital purchases represent approximately 25 percent of a hospital’s budget. This makes make capital planning and purchasing one of the most complex procurement challenges for health care organizations.

To date, our capital equipment group buys have saved members more than $421 million on major equipment purchases. Group buys are available in more than 45 major categories, including:

• Biomedical engineering
• Imaging
• Business office
• Intensive care
• Cardiology
• Laboratory
• Central supply
• Medical records
• Emergency room
• Nursing
• Environmental services
• Patient room
• Extended care services
• Pharmacy
• Facilities/construction
• Surgery


2017 Group Buy Event:  Q2

Effective Dates: April 1,2017 - June 30, 2017

Each calendar quarter, Vizient/Rural Health Alliance presents National Group Buys that members exclusive, limited-time value from participating suppliers on select product categories. If you have any questions regarding these offerings, please Contact Us.


• Cardiovascular Suites
• General Radiographic & Fluoroscopy
• Hemodynamic & Electrophysiology Monitors
• Mobile C-Arms
• MRI System
• PACS & Imaging Informatics
• Patient Monitoring
• Ultrasound Systems
• Infant Care & Phototherapy
• Invivo MRI Monitoring
• Non-Invasive Cardiology Equipment
• Radiation Treatment Planning Software

 Capital Equipment Offerings

Mindray – Anesthesia Equipment
Skytron – OR Lights Columns & Booms
Skytron – OR Tables

Imaging OfferingsGE Healthcare – Nuclear Medicine
Laboratory OfferingsNatus – Neuro & Sleep Lab Equipment & Supplies
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics – Blood Gas Instrument
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics – Chemistry & Immunochemistry

Medical OfferingsCardinal Health – Durable Medical Equipment – Wheel Chairs



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Universal Hospital Services (UHS)

>Universal Hospital Services (UHS) is a clinical equipment services company that helps health care organizations increase operating efficiencies by optimizing the equipment life-cycle. We help facilities access, manage and maintain medical equipment so that the clinical staff is better equipped to care ™ for patients.

  • Manage 700,000+ pieces of medical equipment
  • Works with 7,000+ Acute Care Hospitals & Alternate Site Providers
  • Has 80+ District Service Centers throughout the U.S.
  • Spent the last 75+ years proudly serving the healthcare industry

Medical Equipment Rental

Get 24/7 access to the medical and surgical equipment you need, when you need it.

  • The right rental program allows you to quickly access needed equipment serviced to the highest industry quality standards, generate on-demand reporting, and control costs.
  • Quality & Safety
    • Providing access to patient ready medical rental equipment, maintained to ISO 13485 quality standards.
  • Trusted Local Service
    • Count on UHS to provide the medical and surgical equipment you need, exactly when you need it, 24/7.
  • Operational Regulatory Support
    • Manage your medical rental equipment online and get easy access to on-demand reporting for regulatory compliance through MyUHS.

Medical Equipment Services

Optimize equipment readiness, caregiver productivity and patient safety with equipment management and maintenance solutions

  • Certified technicians for full-or part-time on-site support

Clinical Engineering:  Preventive maintenance and broken equipment create backlogs, reduce equipment availability and drive unnecessary capital purchases. Increase equipment uptime and ensure it is held to the highest quality standards.

  • Supplemental Repair and Maintenance
    • Get customized biomedical equipment services that support positive outcomes for both your patients and your business. Our solutions can scale from the repair and service needs of a single department up to an entire facility.
  • Comprehensive Clinical Engineering Services
    • Customized and comprehensive clinical engineering services for all hospital medical equipment maintenance and repair needs to drive effective, coordinated service across your entire facility. We do this by leveraging our vendor relationships and maintaining your equipment to the highest regulatory standards with ISO 13485.
  • Compliance Support and Reporting
    • Preventive maintenance and broken equipment create backlogs, reduce equipment availability and drive unnecessary capital purchases. Increase equipment uptime and ensure it is held to the highest quality standards.

On-Site Management:Reduce therapy delays and improve staff time spent in direct patient care with on-site programs and technicians.

  • Medical Equipment Management Program
    • Nurses spend approximately 20 minutes per shift searching for medical equipment. Not only is this valuable time spent away from patient care, but the inability to access the right equipment, when needed, can increase patient risk
  • Medical Equipment Maintenance
    • Managing the biomedical maintenance and repair of hospital medical equipment is challenging. In fact, many facilities spend over 8% of the total cost of equipment on service. What’s more, uncoordinated service management impacts hospital equipment availability and staff productivity.
  • Surgical Equipment Management
    • Unreliable, unclean surgical equipment can disrupt the efficiency and profitability of an OR. Even a short case delay can increase costs to a hospital by 39%. Not to mention the impact on staff productivity and the increased risk to patient safety.

Surgical Services: Worry-free access to cutting-edge surgical and laser technology. Expert technical support that keeps it all working.

  • Surgical Lasers & Equipment
    • Get access to over 7,000 state-of-the-art lasers and other surgical equipment for almost any procedure. All backed by highly skilled and certified technicians, when you need it, case-by-case, 24/7.
  • Surgical Equipment by Specialty
    • Find the right surgical equipment for virtually every specialty, from aesthetic surgery to vascular.
  • Medical Laser Safety Officer Education and Training
    • MyUHS Surgical Services offers the education and training your OR team needs to operate surgical lasers safely and effectively. Partnering with the Laser Institute of America, our mission is to provide Medical Laser Safety Officers with the industry-leading content they need to perform their jobs to the highest standard.


    Click to open PDF:  UHS Summary


    UHS can provide, manage and maintain medical equipment throughout your facility, ensuring you always have the right tools at the right time, with more time to give your patients the attention and care they deserve.  


UHS Logo

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Employee Benefits

Vizient Insurance Services drives immediate savings across the Employee Benefits spectrum through the power of aggregation,  pooled solutions, and enhanced contract terms.

  • Basic Life
  • STD, LTD, AD&D
  • Medical Stop Loss
  • Vision, Dental
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management
  • Worksite Solutions


Property & Casualty

Property and casualty (P&C) insurance products and alternative risk models exist to help organizations transfer risk and mitigate the impact of some very complex and potentially expensive issues. You can expect operating margin improvement and improvements to your insurance coverage, terms and risk management programs that will benefit your organization for years to come.

  • HPL/GL
  • Property
  • Cyber Liability
  • MD Malpractice
  • Managed Care
  • Construction




Energy costs are a major expense for hospitals, often taking up to 5 percent of the total operating budget. Energy consumption is continual - 24/7, every single day of the year. Even though energy costs are a serious part of the operating budget, supply chain expenses and differing contract management practices usually are addressed first. Our full suite of service offerings can help to significantly reduce your energy costs and consumption through our best-of-class partnerships.


Better pricing, contract terms, and conditions.

  • Natural Gas
  • Electricity
  • Fuel Oil

Invoice Audits

  • All Utilities

Utilization and Conservation

Measure and reduce current energy consumption without capital investment.

  • Cost Reduction
  • Risk Management
  • Optimization


Ability to reduce carbon footprint; creates opportunities for alternative energy sources (wind/solar) to supplement traditional sources.


Managed Care

Managed care contracts are one of the most important drivers of financial reimbursement and profitability for your organization. The contracts affect nearly every department - from utilization review to the business office. Our solution improves reimbursement and provides important contract language protection.

  • Full Contract Review
  • Strategy Development
  • Negotiation
  • Contract Binder
  • Payer Scorecards
Open PDF: Shared Solutions
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