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Rural Health Alliance leverages collective purchasing power to get deals on products and supplies that individual organizations aren’t able to get on their own. We provide valuable “soft cost” savings by helping organizations standardize and streamline their purchasing practices. The savings customers achieve enable them to afford top-quality doctors, technologies, and supplies for their patients. We simplify your process!

Procurement faster, easier, and more cost-effective. Simplify by letting RHA:

  • Locate suppliers and researching products
  • Handle contract negotiations
  • Leverage market information and market trends
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable laws

Maximize your GPO: Simplify by letting RHA:

  • Identify standardization opportunities
  • Ensure price/tier connections with Suppliers/Distributors
  • Utilize local, custom, national contract strategy
  • Aggregate spend for deeper discounts
  • Participate in Group Buys
  • Provide Education and Webinars
  • Price transparency
  • Market trending strategic planning for the future

Non-Health Care Savings- Simplified:

Nearly half of the $40 billion in healthcare companies’ annual savings from GPOs actually came from non-medical product purchases like office equipment, janitorial supplies, and food.

  • RHA Provides savings up to 30% on shredding and destruction services
  • Up to 20%on office supplies and janitorial supplies
  • Up to 15%on food spend and equipment
  • Up to 10% on technology and capital expense

RHA Collaborative is giving members market leading prices on the supplies they want while offering Choice, Flexibility, and Aggressive Supply Chain Pricing. 

We focus on supply chain so members can focus on patient care! Simply the best!

Contact us for ways to simplify and reduce your healthcare expenditures:

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Purchase Services

Purchase Service Program

Purchase Services represent an untapped source of savings across the healthcare supply chain.

When a purchased service is correctly benchmarked, appropriately contracted and effectively managed, a facility can realize meaningful savings that can be passed on and used to improve patient care.

The typical savings potential on purchased services range from 10% - 35%, depending on the contract category.

Lower costs are achievable for facilities with limited volume when accessing the Rural Health Alliance Collaborative through local, regional, and national contracts.

Rural Health Alliance offers a free cost analysis to identify member cost saving opportunities. 

Click here to open the PDF:  Purchase Services

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Vanderbilt Supply Chain Collaborative

RHA partnered with Vanderbilt Supply Chain System Collaborative (VSCSC) in 2015 to provide deep contractual discounts to RHA members.  Members have access to Vanderbilt's contract portfolio on a contract by contract basis. 

VSCSC allows a focused and joint approach to lowering overall supply, pharmaceutical, and purchased service expense through contracting to promote lower health costs and high quality care within our communities.  Vanderbilt drives value by reducing costs through aggregation of volumes on physician preference items or commodity items where the local market can drive commitment.

What We Do:

Define and implement synergies between our organizations, allowing a focused and joint approach to lowering overall supply, pharmaceutical, and purchased service expense through contracting to promote lower health costs and high quality care within our communities.

Share best practice and maximize resource & technology utilization to create an efficient, cost effective program which will enhance the supply chains contribution to the overall success of their organizations.

 Driving value:

 Reduce hospital-owned contract costs

  • By researching which items physicians prefer and aggregating orders, we can lower purchasing costs across the collaborative for med/surg items, pharmacy distribution and purchased services.

 Reduce GPO purchasing costs

  • Vanderbilt has access to best tier pricing in many categories due to size and spend. Pricing is being extended to Rural Health Alliance members who move under the Vanderbilt master agreement irrespective of spend in a given category.

 Reduce capital expenditure costs

  • Common tools allow long-range planning for capital needs and bulk purchases.

Participation Requirement:

Members must be able to adhere to negotiated terms/conditions of each contract category accessed and must meet compliance level requirements ongoing through contract term.

Contact Us today to learn more. 

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Rural Health Alliance believes in the power of collaboration to realize greater savings for members while maintaining quality and patient satisfaction; to do collectively what cannot be accomplished individually.  As a member owned supply chain organization, we focus on delivering industry leading value for providers and the patients they serve through unique sourcing strategies that proactively aligns clinical input and sound business principles to deliver sustainable cost reductions.


To provide a vehicle for ongoing communication, coordination, cooperation, integration, and unity of purpose for member health care entities. Improve patient care while containing health care costs, promoting access to and expanding health care resources in member systems. To do collectively what cannot be accomplished individually.

Supply Chain Solutions

Rural Health Alliance proudly offers choice and flexibility with access to the largest National GPO portfolio pricing to ensure members realize greater savings and in increased bottom line.  We are able to help healthcare organizations optimize contract compliance by implementing National, Regional, and Local contracts with consistent terms and conditions.  Our collaborative approach cultivates alignment among the members medical, clinical, and administrative personnel. 

Rural Health Alliance GPO Services

  • No annual free
  • Medical supplies and Equipment
  • Pharmaceuticals and NOVAPLUS Program
  • Laboratory, Dietary, and Radiology products
  • Office and business equipment and supplies
  • Retail discount for members’ staff & families (Employee Discount Program)
  • Construction & Capital Program with a dedicated resource and Benchmarking
  • Rental/Refurbished Equipment
  • Purchase Services

Proven Savings

  • 6% - 14% overall price advantage over other GPOs
  • Up to 10% savings on Telecommunications
  • 10% - 15% savings on Purchase Services
  • Up to 10% discounts on Employee Programs

Value Added Benefits

Service: Dedicated Client Service Directors focus on providing value, reducing supply costs and improving performance. We pride ourselves with a 24-48-hour turnaround time for our members.  Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Aggressive Supply Chain Pricing: Rural Health Alliance has some of the industry’s largest discounts in place today through National, Regional, and Local Contracts.

Voice & Networking with Peers: We strive to provide Flexibility and Choice working with population health across the continuum of care. 

Trusted Partners: Providing superior patient care and improving patient satisfaction through trusted manufacture and distributor contracted partnerships.


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