Key questions that will make a difference in your bottom line this year:


What is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)?

A GPO is a Group Purchasing Organization. GPOs combine (aggregate) the purchasing power of all their members to negotiate large discounts directly with manufacturers and service providers. This enables the individual practice to access discounts they could not achieve on their own. As a healthcare performance improvement company we focus on helping you drive financial and operational improvement so you can sustainably meet the needs of your community. Our focus is on helping you to build the required core competencies and bridge operational gaps so you can be successful both today and into tomorrow. Rural Health Alliance offers a variety of assets and deep operational competencies that allows us to work with any health system to improve their performance.

What is an Affiliate Partner?

Rural Health Alliance in an affiliate partner of Vizient (acute care) and Provista (non-acute care).  Vizient/Provista has chosen to work with established leaders in the healthcare industry to further support provider success in achieving sustainable performance improvement.  Affiliate relationships are formed with the commitment to deliver the highest quality and the broadest range of products and services to our clients, enabling them to respond to the challenges of healthcare reform and thrive in an increasingly complex and competitive environment. Vizient extends the benefits of their national contract portfolio/pricing/programs through an affiliate network. Regional affiliates are located across the country and act as an extended sales/client manager network that provides outstanding member service(s) on a local level.

What is a distributor?

An entity that buys noncompeting products or product lines, warehouses them, and resells them to retailers or direct to the end users or customers. Most distributors provide strong manpower and cash support to the supplier or manufacturer's promotional efforts. They usually also provide a range of services (such as product information, estimates, technical support, after-sales services, credit) to customers.

What is included in your current GPO services?
Included in the Rural Health Alliance (RHA) program:
  • It’s free to join.  We do not charge annual fees like some GPOs do.
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Pharmacy products and NOVAPLUS Program
  • Laboratory, Dietary, and Radiology products
  • Office and business equipment and supplies (Purchase Services)
  • Retail discount for members’ staff & families (Employee Discount Program)
What type of support do you want or expect from your GPO?

Rural Health Alliance is always available to assist our members.  We begin our process with a value/cost analysis followed by a full implementation to ensure supplier connections to deep discounts.  We maintain communication through newsletters, emails, routine calls as well as site visits as needed.  We pride ourselves with a 24-48 hour turnaround time for our members.  Customer satisfaction is our priority.  

Does your GPO offer both national and regional vendors?

Rural Health Alliance is partnered with Vizient and Vanderbilt Healthcare.  Vizient is the largest National GPO in the country and Vanderbilt is a market leader in the acute care arena both clinically and contractually.  In collaboration with Vizient’ s national contracts, and RHA’s regional contracts we are able to provide deeper discounts with more supply chain coverage!

Is RHA the right choice for my organization?

Yes!  RHA offers comprehensive financial performance solutions include industry-leading solutions for healthcare, supply chain management, and healthcare revenue cycle management.   We drive accountability throughout the purchasing process by managing the results and benchmarks to show you a cost savings through our competitive GPO contract portfolio; thus helping your facility achieve your financial and operational goals year over year. 

Approximately 50- 60% of healthcare facilities are currently using a GPO today.  You may think that you have the best prices in place but we are challenging you to compare pricing.  There is no fee, no risk, and no obligation to switch.  That said, Rural Health Alliance has some of the largest discounts in place today through national and regional contracts, all while maintaining superior service levels.