Member Owned

The Rural Health Alliance, LLC was incorporated in 1995 and is owned by 15 hospitals in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. The Board of Directors are responsive to all clients and provide staff vision and direction based on GPO members needs. Ownership is an option for prospective members.

Dedicated Client Services

  • Dedicated Client Service Directors focus on providing value, reducing supply costs and improving performance.
  • They provide guidance on the contracting process and articulate benefits of standardization, while drawing upon clinical expertise in all service lines.
  • Collaborative approach that cultivates alignment among the members medical, clinical, and administrative personnel. 
  • Dedicated Client Service Directors monitor contract connections and compliance by facilitating regular communication with RHA, Vizient, distributors and manufactures as well as completing regular member audits.

Preferred Partners

Vizient is the nation’s largest member-owned health care services company. Backed by network-powered insights in the critical areas of clinical, operational and supply chain performance, Vizient™ empowers members to deliver exceptional, cost-effective care at every turn. Together with our members, we are fueling new business models and new approaches to care—all through the power of brilliant connectivity. 
Vizient represents approximately $100 billion in annual purchasing volume and 2500+ contracts – the largest in the industry.  By offering the most competitive contract portfolio for supplies and services, along with actionable analytics and expert advisory services, we are able to deliver significant return on members’ investments in operational and supply chain efficiency. 


Pharmacy Program

Vizient and MedAssets coming together has produced the industry’s leading pharmacy program


  • Most competitive pharmacy portfolio
  • Branded Pharmaceuticals
  • NOVAPLUS/Generic Pharmaceuticals
  • Distribution
  • Comprehensive Clinical & Member Services Offering
  • Comprehensive Drug Information Program
  • Industry Leading Advisory Services
  • Unparalleled Analytics & Audit Offerings
  • Pharmacist Field Based Support Team
Bundle Payment Optimization

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently laid out its proposal for escalating use of bundled payments beyond total hip and knee arthroscopy (joint replacements). The plan introduces mandatory episode payment models for acute myocardial infarction (AMI, or heart attack) treated with or without percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) and surgical hip/femur fracture treatment (SHFFT). The latter effectively expands the scope of the agency’s Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) initiative, launched earlier this year, to include patients that have femur repairs without hip replacement.


The only way that hospitals and health systems will be successful in moving from a volume-driven reimbursement system to one that promotes value and sustainable wellness is to meaningfully engage their core and key physicians in the effort.  Rural Health Alliance through the Vizient relationship is able to provide members an unparalleled ability to align, restructure, and prepare for that brave new world ahead where success will be driven mainly by hospitals and physicians who share a common vision, purpose and understanding.


Lean is a principle-driven, tool-based management philosophy that focuses on identifying and eliminating waste while building quality and safety into processes. 

  • Raise patient satisfaction scores.
  • Improve cash position
  • Improve joint commission quality measures
  • Increase capacity and revenue without increasing resources
  • Reduce waiting and LWBS rates for services.

Sg2 is the health care industry’s premier provider of market data and information.  SG2’s analytics and expertise help hospitals and health systems understand market dynamics and capitalize on opportunities for growth.  Sg2’s SaaS-based EDGE platform provides National, Local Market and Organizational analytics for senior leadership and operating teams.

  • Expert-based trend-tracking and intelligence
  • Analytics to support market segmentation
  • Forecasting future demand
  • Voice of the customer education and insights
Purchase Services
  •  Access to national contracts or master term agreements for categories such as General Consulting, Human Resources, and Information Technology Services.
  • Life & Disability Services offers insurance for healthcare organizations’ employees for an average of 10% savings through our strategic partner, Insurance Point.
  • Energy Cost Management offers savings on energy rates in de-regulated markets through our relationship with Health Resource Network.
  • Support Services provides national master terms agreements with customer specific requirements.  Categories of coverage include, outsourced food and nutrition, environmental services, patient transport, and call center laundry and lines, plan operations management, clinical equipment services.

Provista is a part of Vizient.  Vizient focuses on acute care facilities and Provista has a complete focus in the non-acute market. Provista is working with 160,000+ customer’s around the continuum of care.  Provista saved the average customer 13.7% in 2015 through 1,735+ contracts by aggregating and leveraging $100 billion in combined purchasing power.


RHA partnered with Vanderbilt Supply Chain System Collaborative in 2015 to provide deep contractual discounts to RHA members.  Members have access to Vanderbilt's contract portfolio on a contract by contract basis. 

VSCSC allows a focused and joint approach to lowering overall supply, pharmaceutical, and purchased service expense through contracting to promote lower health costs and high quality care within our communities.  Vanderbilt drives value by reducing costs through aggregation of volumes on physician preference items or commodity items where the local market can drive commitment.

To learn more about Vanderbilt click here:

Aggressive Supply Chain Pricing with Choice & Flexibility

Rural Health Alliance proudly offers choice and flexibility with proven value within our contract management to ensure members realize greater savings and in increased bottom line, while maintaining quality and patient satisfaction.  RHA is able to help healthcare organizations optimize contract compliance by implementing national, regional, and local contracts with consistent terms and conditions.

National Contracts
Contracts that are a contract of price point that is tied to and governed by a national GPO (Vizient) contract.
Regional and Custom Advantage Tiered (CAT) Contracts
  • Regional RHA Contracts are contracts of price points that are enhanced within the national GPO contracts.
  • Some regional contracts will also be referred to as a Custom Advantage Tier (CAT)
    • Custom Advantage Tiers are documented when the member’s achieve an enhanced tier for products that are included on a national GPO contract
Local Contracts
A contract of price point that is not tied to or governed by a national GPO contract.

Savings Enhancements & Purchasing Optimization

Benchmarking through ECRI Institute
  • ECRI’s mission is to research the best approaches for safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness in healthcare, ultimately enabling your organization to improve patient care. ECRI is dedicated to bringing the discipline of applied scientific research to discover which medical procedures, devices, drugs, and processes are best, all to enable you to improve patient care.
  • Identifies additional savings where a supplier quotes a price higher than our contracted rate.
Purchase Services Savings 
Consulting, Telecommunications Up to 10% Savings
Copiers and Multi-Functional Devices Up to 20% Savings
Digital Dictation Systems Up to 10% Savings
Document Imaging/Mgmt. Up to 5% Savings
Document Shredding  Up to 10% Savings
Energy Procurement and Consulting  10% Savings
Food Service Management 6% - 20% Savings
Housekeeping Management 6% - 20% Savings
Integrated Waste Services 8% - 12% Savings
Interpreter & Translation Up to 7% Savings
IT Distribution Up to 7% Savings
Linen and Laundry Processing  6% - 20% Savings
Logistics Services  Up to 12% Savings
Long Term & Short Term Disability Insurance 10% Guaranteed Savings
Outsource, Mailroom Svcs. 10% - 15% Savings
Pest Elimination Services Up to 10% Savings
Print & Internet Advertising Up to 10% Savings
Reusable Sharps Container Svc. Up to 12% Savings
Security Services Up to 10% Savings
Transcription & Dictation  Up to 10% Savings
Vehicles Up to 10% Savings
Water Treatment Svcs. Up to 10% Savings
Wireless Cell Phones & Data Up to 5% Savings

Employee Program Savings

Car Rental 
  • Avis
  • Budget
Office Supplies: Discount card 
  • Office Depot
  • Staples
Paint and Paint Supplies: Up to 15% off 
  • Sherwin Williams
  • UniFirst, Save 20%
  • Shoes for Crews, discounts up to 23%

Special discounts on interstate moves as well as free valuation coverage up to $100,000.  For local moves Beckins will offer 10% off labor rates, and up to 35% on packing services, and one month of free storage.


Discounts up to 7% on home office products, discounted shipping, and 24-hour technical support

Pest Control Discounts 

Pest Control discounts with Orkin