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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a GPO?

A GPO is a Group Purchasing Organization. GPOs combine (aggregate) the purchasing power of all their members to negotiate large discounts directly with manufacturers and service providers. This enables the member to access discounts they could not achieve on their own. As a healthcare performance improvement company we focus on helping you drive financial and operational improvement so you can sustainably meet the needs of your community.

Why Should I Join RHA?

RHA offers aggressive pricing, choice and flexibility when it comes to suppliers and products, and they assign a dedicated client service representative. The client service representive is your go-to contact for any pricing questions you may have. They can come on-site to your facility regularly, and are routinely monitoring your contract expiration / renewals to ensure you don't fall off pricing. They monitor the pricing so you can focus on patient care. RHA is free to join!

What role does RHA play with Vizient / Provista? 

RHA is a channel partner of Vizient, meaning we have access to their contract portfolio while bringing client service to the table. RHA is the bridge between the member and the GPO, we are your go-to contact for any of your pricing needs.

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