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Non-Acute Care

Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Assisted Living / Long-Term Care Centers, Clinic

Non Acute: Headliner

About Provista

Provista is the non-acute focus of Vizient. Provista is working with 160,000+ customer’s around the continuum of care.  Provista saved the average customer 13.7% in 2015 through 1,735+ contracts by aggregating and leveraging $100 billion in combined purchasing power. 

Non Acute: Who We Are

Benefits of Provista

Employee Discounts

Vizient has exclusive offers for their members with wireless phone services, Technology, Office Supplies, and Home Products

Capital Equipment / Quote Review

  • Identifies additional savings where a supplier quotes a price higher than our contracted rate; Identifies incorrect terms and conditions

  • Review allows members to determine if they want to move forward with cutting a PO or ask for amendments.

Group Buys / Bulk Buy 

  • Group Buy purchasing events will deliver substantial cost savings on capital expenditures above and beyond our standard contract portfolio. The Group Buy and Bulk Buy purchasing events aggregate a large quality of similar, medical device items into a single sourcing event.

Group Buys are hosted four events per year/quarterly planned savings.

  • Bulk Buy is a special one time negotiated price enhancement that is beneficial to our customers.

Free to Join!

Vizient offers choice & flexibility with their contracts, and it comes at no fee to the member!

Non Acute: Programs
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